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OMNIA Mobile represents the transportable version of the concept OMNIA just another way of living. OMNIA Mobile is thought to be preassembled out of work (workshop, industrial implant, etc.) and to be transported and built anywhere there is an abductive system and a connection to the electric and plumbing network.

Therefore, OMNIA Mobile may be conceived as a module that is great for the emergency interventions and is useful for creating infrastructures in areas which suffered from natural damages (earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc.), hence it can be considered, with small changes and an appropriate maintenance service, as a stand-alone module in particular application within environments that have a particular panoramic prestige.    

Composed by two modules 2,44 x 6,00 x 3,00 m, (ergo the second data, the depth, can be increased to 8,00 or 10,00 m) it can be integrated into the standard shape of a common  heavy vehicle, OMNIA Mobile can be collocated and moved in a few hours.

In its ECO version, OMNIA Mobile adopts a metal framed structure buffered in Bertech, a high energy performance material that derived from a recycling chain. The finish of the exoskeleton can host any technical and aesthetic solution that the client’s fantasy may desire, from thermal insulation plaster, to ceramic, to wood, to metal in simple or insulated plates.

The module OMNIA Mobile is designed to be transported, located and removed easily and quickly and, likewise, as the prototype OMNIA One it can be positioned in urban and suburban contests that have run out of building areas. The perfect reversibility of the pose, the high energy efficiency and the small dimensions locate OMNIA Mobile in the category of the buildings that use almost zero energy, so it is utilizable not only as a low-cost civil home, but also as receptive touristic structure with a high added value.

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