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Carlo Luigi OSTORERO

Carlo Ostorero was born in Avigliana (TO) the 5th of May 1963. He  graduated in Civil Engineering, specializing in Architectural and Building design, at the Politecnico di Torino. During his studies he took periods of work placement in the field of engineering and the architectural design in the Faroe Islands (Denmark), in the Laboratorio Nacional de Engheneria Civil (Portugal) and in Switzerland. In Rotterdam (Holland), he completed his M.Sc thesis with an Erasmus scholarship under the supervision of Professors Carel Weber and Umberto Barbieri. He obtained a scholarship to undertake his Doctorate in Architecture and Building design, being awarded a PhD. In 1998 he attained the level of Researcher at the Politecnico di Torino University in the field of “Building Technology” currently conducting research in the Department of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering and lecturing on the M.Sc and PhD courses. For over 10 years he has been adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Parma, and since 2010 lectures on a Masters course coordinated by the architect Mario Cucinella at the “Istituto Europeo di Design” in Turin. Throughout his career, Carlo Ostorero has sought to conduct aspects of research and scientific experimentation in parallel with the development of the professional activity in the fields of architecture, urbanistic and industrial design according to the principle of “design as a learning process”.

In 2002, Carlo Ostorero refocused his professional activities by founding the STUDIO DEDALO ARCHITETTURA in Via Locana 14 in Torino. By drawing on the knowledge and experience of colleagues who cooperate in the activities of STUDIO DEDALO ARCHITETTURA, the areas of professional competence have been enlarged and extended. The fundamental expertise regards the restoration and reevaluation of according to sustainability. The evaluation of the environmental impact and the themes of urban renewal and regeneration have stimulated STUDIO DEDALO ARCHITETTURA to become increasingly involved in large‐scale urban planning with respect to environmental recovery and artistic landscaping. Correspondingly over recent years STUDIO DEDALO ARCHITETTURA has addressed projects of increasing complexity and scale involving, for example, hotels, schools, hospitals, and factories in Italy and abroad.

Carlo Ostorero has then done an intense activity of divulgation and communication on the technology, architecture and urbanistic theory issues, in over one hundred conventions, debates and workshops in Italy and abroad. He is member of numerous cultural associations operating in the architectural and design field. Two of these companies are the Società degli ingegneri e Architetti in Torino of which he is counselor and the  Società Piemontese di Archeologia e Belle Arti.  

Currently, Carlo Ostorero presides over and coordinates the project:

“OMNIA just another way of living”, for which he wrote “Tiny house revolution, manifesto della città condivisa”, concerning the study of new housing models compatible with new user profiles and with less economic and ecological resources. “Omnia Project” is part of the application of big data analysis that aims to the urbanistic and social planning, in order to create a urban smart grid as the premise for the future smart city.

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