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Villar Dora (TO)  - ITALY

Villar Dora Gym


Client: Municipality of Villar Dora

Designer: Ing. Carlo Ostorero

Collaborators: Ing. Stefano Ghedin, Ing. Andrea Mirabile


The proposal offers a double solution to the increased functionality of recreational and sports facilities at the municipal gym.

The first solution involves the addition of a west facing building, which will be located on the opposite side of  the thermal power plant. The possibility of continuing to utilize the current dressing rooms and the current location will be implemented by building a new entrance offering access to the new stairs for the spectators. This intervention involves the elimination of one of the two back walls of the current construction and the realization of a new upholstery for the whole building, with a remarkable and immediate improvement in the energy performance of the building.

The second solution pictures to take advantage of the space currently outside the gym to integrate a new building connected to the existing one. Also in this case, the structure of the dressing rooms and the thermal plant will be exploited for the operation of the new volumes.

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