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Torino(To) - Italia

Redevelopment of the Palazzo del Lavoro


Architectural Project: Ing. Carlo Ostorero (group leader), Ing. Andrea Barla, Ing. Marco Bertelli, Ing. Stefano Ghedin, Ing. Roberto Valentino, Ing. Enrico Ferro, Franco Corrias, Ing. Viviana Capuzzo, Ing. Elisa Bessone, Ing Fabio Barbero

It is the perfect synthesis of modernity and classical architecture and it is a starting point for a reuse that keeps philologically all the elements and proportions thought by Pierluigi Nervi. The multifunctional destination guarantees continuous and differentiated use by target and participation. Torino finds the building a symbol of celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

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