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Verbania (Vb)  - ITALY

New headquarters of the Verbania Hospital


Client:  Asl 14 VCO di Omegna

Designer: Studio Vitali & Solmona, Giuseppe Manara, Fabio Inzani, Studio Fraternali e Quattroccolo, Luigi Barbero Caluso, Paola  Aggradi, Edgardo Senatore,  Ing. Carlo Ostorero

Collaborators:  Ing. Andrea Barla, Ing. Marco Bertelli, Ing. Stefano Ghedin


The articulation of the implant aims to optimize the view of the magnificent panorama of the mountains from the hospital rooms. The central axis of the services and the underlying operating plate separate the flows and functions according to the most up-to-date hospital design plans.

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