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  • We ask to change our cities in order to turn them back into polis ergo - a dwelling of a collective ideal, typical of our identity, communal and shared.  

  • We want to change the city using the immense mental and intelligent energy of the web.  

  • We want a transparent city that informs, helps, directs, and simplifies the life of citizens.  

  • We want a city that knows itself, that adapts using big data analysis and modifies its attitude, its functions, its planning and its development.  

  • We want to overcome traditional city planning.

  • We want an open city which is inclusive and seductive towards the best component of human beings: their minds.  

  • We want the participation of citizens, informed and conscious because the destiny of the city depends on each and every one of them. The rights and the duties of citizens are our constitution.  

  • We want to give back to each citizen the honor and the pride of living in their city.  

  • We want to eliminate the distance and the disconnect between the center and the suburbs,  inauspicious legacy of Modernity, of the loss of identity due to our insatiable greed.  

  • We want to restore the relationship and the affinity with the surrounding spaces.

  • We want to give back perceptions that have been cancelled.

  • We want to reconnect, to link, to mend the community. This is why we reevaluate the importance of the focal point, of the symbol, of the monument, of the art that speaks to and teaches the citizen without being transformed into miserable street furniture, mute and deaf to the collective perception.  

  • We want to free the horizons, the skyline, the profile towards the sky of the city.

  • We want to build small houses on rooftops, sources of well-being on a human scale and dimension.

  • We want to create local energy networks that will share their information, their resources, their life.  

  • We want to select suitable and strategic locations in order to demolish and free part of the city, making it available to everyone. In these areas we will construct completely new buildings, fully-fledged “energy hubs” producing renewable energy to give back to local networks, providing services of proximity and guarding vehicles that have been removed from the streets.  

  • We want to select locations to create “urban farms”, producing food and local services and offering jobs and dignity to those citizens eager to engage in these activities.  

  • We want to give back the length to the city in order to have the ability to observe and recognize it.  

  • We want to give back the streets to the citizens, by first emptying them and then furnishing them with naturalistic and artistic interventions shared and decided together with the residents who will become custodians, because our life does not stop and start when we step through our front door, but continues in the squares and in the areas of the city that are ours, that belong to us and to which we belong.  

  • We want to raise awareness that humans are the problem, so that we can find the best solutions by drawing from all of our resources - each and every one of us should do their part according to their own abilities, and their own intellectual and economic capacities.  

  • We ask ourselves what we will do for the city, not only what the city will do for us. 


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