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Torino (TO) - ITALY



OMNIA Community integrates the concept of OMNIA Mobile and OMNIA One in a community aggregation.

Following a geometry that integrates circles and squares, that belong not only to the oriental cosmology, but also to the occidental one, OMNIA Community is arranged with four peripheral modules linked to a central nucleus.

The four modules host two rooms each (with three single beds in each, in other words a double bed and a bunk bed) with two bathrooms. These elements articulate as satellites around a central cylindrical space, which is separated along the diameter by a double wall equipped that contains two hygiene services and the plant engineering of the complex.

The central space, divided into two semi-cylinders, hosts the common areas: equipped kitchens with the relative dining room on a side, and relax-zone and living room on the other. This co-housing organization promotes the commencement of a sharing of equipment by the guests and permits the cultural confrontation on food, cuisines and alimentation according to the different traditions.

The external ground between the sleeping areas hosts two backyards/vegetable gardens, and the outdoor spaces of the dining room and living room.

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