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Torino (TO) - ITALY



A building with the need of almost zero energy, low environmental impact and small dimensions, the module of OMNIA One is composed by a main volume creating the actual building and by the so-called Sliding Shell, a “shell” that slides along the longitudinal axis of the Body Factory. The plant is articulated in a flat surface with the living room-dining room, a passageway with the control equipment and plant monitoring, bathroom and a loft as sleeping area, reachable through a spiral staircase.

The bearing structure is realized in pultruded profiles covered by a dry coating of EPS plates and by a layer of insulation in stone wool. On the outside, the first layer presents a surface in porcelain stoneware, while the Sliding Shell is covered in a double-seamed metallic plate in titanium zinc and photovoltaic film in amorphous silicon directly integrated on the plate.

The Sliding Shell is moved back and forth by electric motors that depend on the percentage of solar irradiation on the front façade and thus functions as a sunblind, other than a renewable energy producer.

The domotics architecture ad hoc directs the implant of the controlled mechanic ventilation and optimizes the performance of the shell, of the LED illumination, of the anti-intrusion system and of the remote control.

OMNIA One has been conceived as an experimental living module and its realization is in project in the area of the new student canteen of the Politecnico di Torino. OMNIA One will host a couple of selected students through a dedicated competition notice. The measurement and the restitution of the environmental, energetic, comfort (air and indoor quality) and psychologic data, will give the needed information to evaluate the possible improvement operations and refinement of the project OMNIA, even for the development of a new research lab dedicated to research and experiment new ways of living from the scale of the urban design to the one of the single grid connected building.

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