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Grugliasco  (TO)-ITALY

Village "Villa Claretta" 20th winter olympic games Grugliasco


Client: Piedmont Region, Municipality of Grugliasco, TOROC, Garboli-Conicos

Designer: Ing. Carlo Ostorero

Collaborators: Ing. Andrea Barla, Ing. Marco Bertelli, Ing. Stefano Ghedin,

Ing. Roberto Valentino

Structures: Studio Pacchiotti

Facilities: Studio Surra

Surface: 11.990 m2 (Covered floor: 4.960 m2)


The student residence is interpreted according to a "landscaping" code that takes away sterile stylistic virtuosity and compares it to the nearby park and its historic residence. The archetypal volumes describing the shape of the "house" are depicted with traditional materials and taken from the modern repertoire. The layout of the full spaces and the empty spaces dispenses a controlled chiaroscuro.

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