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Giaveno (To) - ITALY

Private residence "Casadieci" Giaveno


Client: OIKIA srl

Designer: Ing. Carlo Ostorero, Ing. Giovanni Pacchiotti

Collaborators: Ing. Stefano Ghedin (Architectural Design), Ing. Alessandro Soffredini (Acoustic Testing)

Structure: Ing. Giovanni Pacchiotti

Installations: Ing. Giovanni Pacchiotti, Ing. Matteo Rosa Sentinella


The placement in a consolidated residential environment forces the project to maintain some formal criterions extensively adopted by previous interventions. Therefore the innovation can occur mainly in the experimentation of the constructive technique in xlam wood. The search for maximum energy performance combined with rationalization of the construction site and control of the construction process in its complete cycle since the design stage guarantee perfect timing and cost containment in accordance with the high quality of selected materials.

The variety of the typological offer does not affect the maximization of qualitative aspects of appearance, thermoelectric exposure and privacy protection.

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