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Villar Dora (To) - ITALY

Enlargement of the Nursery School "La Giostra" Villar Dora


Client: Municipality of Villar Dora

Designer: Ing. Carlo Ostorero, Ing. Andrea Mirabile

Collaborators: Ing. Stefano Ghedin (Architectural Design)

Structures: Ing. Carlo Ostorero

Facilities: Ing. Filippo Tuffanelli


The criterions that led the architectural design derive first of all from a careful  analysis of the existing constructions and from the correspondence of materials and technologies previously chosen in the definitive project. Design is intended to achieve a homogeneous solution with the surrounding urban fabric and existing artefacts.

The choice of materials has been carefully studied to define a measured and calibrated relationship between the extension and the existing building.

The project, that aims to extend the existing building material, results in the construction of a new wing on the "L" side East to accommodate a common polyvalent room.

The East Face of the lot has been considered to be the most suitable for both flat terrain and space for the existing building designed to accommodate this expansion in the best possible way.

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