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Pianezza (TO) - ITALY

Sports Hall Pianezza


Client: Municipality of Pianezza

Designer: Ing. Carlo Ostorero,

Collaborators: Ing. Stefano Ghedin. Ing. Andrea Mirabile, Arch. Mario Maniga


The development of the project is born as a natural consequence of the concrete need to realize in the territory of the Municipality of Pianezza a new multifunctional center to promote the sport in the service of the equilibrated and proper psychomotor development of the person by increasing and promoting the diffusion of the motor activity, physical activity and sports, and spreading a greater awareness and culture of movement to the whole population, with particular attention to young people from the school environment, but also in the sports world and in the territory, through sporting offers and specific and targeted training. In this regard, attention is drawn to the project's involvement in every possible band of users and especially those apparently involved in the cultural partner offer, ie handicapped citizens. The new rock gym is therefore proposed as a new communicative mean to reevaluate the importance of the glacial erratic of Gastaldi di Pianezza and to connect it to the realization of sports activities that could result in climbing on several types of walls, from the artificial one of the new sports center to the natural one of the glacial erratic, while remaining in the center of the city of Pianezza and therefore making it potentially usable to everyone.

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