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Giaveno (To) - ITALY

School Complex “Anna Frank” Giaveno


Client: Municipality of Giaveno

Designers: Ing. Carlo Ostorero, Ing. Giovanni Pacchiotti

Collaborators: Ing. Stefano Ghedin, Ing. Marco Bertelli, Ing. Alessandro Soffredini, Ing. Gianluca Santosuosso, Ing Fabio Ruzza

Structure: Ingredient Giovanni Pacchiotti

Facilities: DMD Associates Studio


The renovation of the ancient seminary in the city of Giaveno into a school complex offers suggestions for a total re-thinking of the toponymy along the Tortorello torrent. A pedestrian walkway and a new viable bridge create spaces for a square and for the public usability of places that were inaccessible. Inside, the tower containing the staircase and elevator bodies serves as the authorizing element of the new urban landscape with dedicatory Venturian tribute

to the complexity and the contradiction in architecture.

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