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Chieri (To) - ITALY  

Villa il Cipresso 


Client: Villa il Cipresso

Designer: Ing. Carlo Ostorero

Collaborators: Ing. Stefano Ghedin, Ing. Andrea Mirabile


The first historical news about the mansion "Il Cipresso" date back to 1670, but only in 1732 it becomes known as the "country house" with a church attributed by many to the architect Bernardo Antonio Vittone.

In 1797 thanks to Morelli the building takes today’s shape into the mansion and rustic part. With the Radino family in 1859, the latest changes will be made, related to the garden and the overhanging wing behind the façade, presumably also the tower on the central structure is built during this period.

Recent surveys have highlighted many issues that are of widespread concern, with different rates of degradation, not only portions of the exterior facades of the "Villa" and the "rustic sleeve", but also portions of the perimeter walls of fence and retaining wall. In particular, by measuring with a hygrometer with electrodes, it has come through that an increasing presence of humidity affects all the facades of the building. In some cases (for example, towards the inner courtyard of the "rustic wing") the moisture is aggravated by the drenching of surfaces due to the absence of permeable portions between the foundations and the masonry. In addition to these issues, other criticalities are present. For example, the painting layer and the finishing of the fronts of the "Villa" are ruined. This problem occurs also along the perimeter walls of the fence, both those located on the ground and those placed against the ground (the plasterwork, finishing and painting are very ruined and crumbling).

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